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  • Made for architects and structural engineers
  • Browse product libraries  and directly insert products into your projects
  • Vast catalogues of products from leading manufacturers, automatically kept up to date.
  • Downloading and using ProdLib is always free
  • ProdLib supports AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, Revit and ArchiCAD
  • Join the thousands of other designers who are already using ProdLib!

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Find the solutions

ProdLib brings to you thousands of products from leading manufacturers. Stay up to date with product information and files without having to hunt for them.

Easy to use

ProdLib is simple to use. Browse the intuitive interface, directly integrated in your design software. Read product information or drag and drop files in your project.

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Designer's assistant

The files we distribute are reliable and high quality. They're available to you in a variety of file formats in the ProdLib product libraries.

Download one or many product libraries and manage them in our library manager application. Find out about new products or producers.

Our supplementary web library enables you to find pinpoint solutions from our product database. Like ProdLib itself, the web library is free to use.

Connect with designers

Bring your products to every architect and engineer's desktops. ProdLib is both a product information platform and a marketing tool. Users worldwide see your brand and products.

Get data

ProdLib partners receive information about the usage of their products. Track how designers insert your products in their projects by region or time period.

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