ProdLib – A tool for BIM and CAD design

BIM and CAD libraries for architects and structural engineers

25 743 products from 147 manufacturers directly into your design software

Our product libraries contain

We bring product libraries of leading manufacturers directly to your desktop and always keep them organized and up to date for you. The libraries contain:
  • Thousands of BIM and CAD models
  • DXF, DWG, RFA, GDL, LCF, SKP and PDF files
  • Other support material

Easy to use

ProdLib product libraries can be integrated into your design software or used through our standalone desktop version.

Download one or more product libraries and manage them through our application. Discover new products and manufacturers.

Browse libraries, read product information, adjust product parameters and insert the solutions directly into your projects. Inserting is easy by dragging and dropping files into plans.

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Improve your workflow

No more searching through websites for updated objects and documents: ProdLib provides all the content you need, automatically updated.

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The Web Library

Our Web Library is a free web-based tool for browsing ProdLib content. The Web Library contains not only a large amount of BIM and CAD models but also plenty of product information. More models and features are available in the ProdLib application. uses cookies to ensure the best experience for you.   
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