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Services and benefits

We offer you a direct channel to designers.

More often, they decide which products end up on real construction sites.
Product manufactured Manufacturer or brand

ProdLib Service

Marketing channel
Your product information
Content creation
BIM/CAD object
and BIM-modeling
Product library of
BIM/CAD objects
Get data
Report of product usage
Connect with designers
Product manufactured by factory needing BIM object Architects and structural engineers

Content distribution

We create a package of your BIM and CAD content and distribute it for design professionals.

We call the package “product library”: your products will be organized into a single entity, which the designers can use in multiple platforms. This way we ensure a wide usability for your objects.

We make your library available for tens of thousands of architects and structural engineers who can insert your products into their projects worldwide.

Mockup of a ProdLib product library

Your own library

Customized product library consisting of your BIM and CAD objects. Can be downloaded from our software directly into user’s own design software.

Through ProdLib, your products will be used in the most popular design software such as AutoCAD, Revit, Archicad, Tekla Structures and SketchUp.

Mockup of some content in the ProdLib WebLib


An online version of ProdLib. Users can search for products with a search engine and download individual files after registration.

Mockup of some content on some brands website

Embedded library

Your product library embedded into your own web page. Users can browse your files and download them directly from your page.

Mockup of a ProdLib BuildUp product library

ProdLib BuildUp

BuildUp is an efficient tool for creating, editing and storing walls, floors and roofs. Users can add layers, select the right materials and insert the finished buildups into their projects.

Content creation

We create BIM objects and CAD images of your products.

With the experience of thousands of objects made, we can call ourselves professionals in BIM and CAD creation.

Our area of expertise covers content creation for AutoCAD, Revit, Archicad, Tekla Structures and SketchUp. We create the object natively for the target software without any conversions so that the objects will function as well as possible.

ProdLib content is always created and tested by a professional architect or structural engineer who knows how the objects should function. By this we ensure the quality and functionality of our content.

Need a better understanding of BIM? Learn the basics and benefits here!

BIM objects contain information such as product's dimension and other physical attributes, appearance for design program, and tested qualities.
Product manufacturers and brands get with ProdLib marketing benefit, data about their product users and a way to connect with designers

How have we helped our customers?

We have compiled a selection of case studies to help you get an idea of the work we have done, as well as the level and scope of our expertise. Read our reference cases!

Marketing benefits

Increase your brand visibility and market your products with our help.

ProdLib works as a marketing channel for your company. Products used in the design phase will most likely be used in construction as well.

Connect with designers

ProdLib connects your company with architects and structural engineers. Users worldwide can see your brand and use your products in their projects. You can communicate the latest news to designers through our marketing channels.

Get data

As a ProdLib partner you will receive information about the usage of your products. You can see how designers insert your products in their projects by region or time period.

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