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Highlights of our work

ProdLib stair tool used to create Grado stairs for Autodesk Revit and Graphisoft Archicad

Stair tool

The Grado stair tool takes Revit stair modeling to a new level. Select the shape of stairs (straight, L, U), height, railings, and the number of risers, and set the location. That’s all! The tool creates the stairs according to your choices. If the stair created still requires modifying, you can select the stairs and edit it through the ProdLib interface.

Corresponding stairs have also been implemented as an Archicad object, so that designing stairs and railings in Archicad is equally easy.

Product cards

The Finbin product library contains a large number of configurable products for designing bicycle racks, bicycle shelters, litter bins and bin shelters. However, the possibility of adjusting products posed a challenge for Finbin: how to present solutions clearly when product inquiries are variable and uniquely configurated?

With the product card functionality developed by ProdLib, users can create the desired product configuration (e.g. bicycle rack type, installation method, colour, etc.) and export a pdf product card from the configuration. This card can easily be included in the tender inquiry or sent to Finbin for additional information inquiries. No CAD or BIM software is needed, just install the ProdLib application and the Finbin library.

Rail tool

Modeling balcony railings and glazing is laborious – when done the traditional way. In general, the objects provided have limited functionalities, and are heavy to use.

The ProdLib Rail tool solves the problem, allowing users to freely create glazing and railings in Revit for different shapes of balconies. The user simply points the edge of the slab as the insertion point, and then sets the length of the railing or glazing. The rail tool automatically creates a custom baluster, posts, handrail, and glazing. The functionality is available in the product libraries of Alnova, Lumon and Lukkan, among others.

Room dividers and curtain walls

Room dividers and curtain walls are commonly used, and multiple manufacturers provide a variety of solutions of them. However, the modeling these solutions is often time consuming. The designer must know the products accurately and understand how sound insulation should be considered in varying spaces.

The ProdLib application allows designers to select the best solution for each space from a variety of options with the desired properties. The solution can then be inserted into a project by selecting the location and the length of the wall. All specified properties, like the door type, location or the width of glazing, are automatically presented in the final object. Space divider solutions can be found in the libraries of Inlook, HSL Group and FP Tuotteet, for example.



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