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Case Paroc

How ProdLib created a tool for designing and modifying buildups

Starting point — Sharing sample drawings

Paroc develops high end insulation products and shares product data and sample drawings for engineers and architects through their web pages.

The Problem — Meeting designers’ individual needs

  • The sample drawings were accurate for Paroc building insulation layers, but otherwise the model neither matched the actual products nor met designers’ individual needs. Every time designers added a model to their project, they had to make changes to them.
  • Distributed content was mainly 2D CAD details and sample buildups, but Paroc also got requirements from designers to support BIM.
  • Also, the files were manually maintained, and they were hard to keep updated. It wasn’t unusual for designers to create projects with outdated material.

The Goal

  • To support designers and their workflow so that they can design their own buildups using real materials
  • To ensure that designers have always the latest products and information available
  • To support requirements of BIM designers

Today — A tool for creating project-specific configurations of structures using real materials

ProdLib created a BuildUp tool. With BuildUp, it’s possible to create and modify wall, floor and roof structures from real and up-to-date materials. Paroc shares their building insulation products for thousands of structural engineers through ProdLib.

Main benefits for Paroc

  • Content sharing is maintained automatically, and the files are always up to date
  • No more creating sample structures that won’t even fit designers’ projects
  • Support for the “BIM approach”

Main benefits for designers — An easy access to everything they need

  • With a single installation, designers get the BuildUp tool into their design program and can easily create wall, floor and roof structures with accurate material, fitting perfectly their needs
  • All the material from different manufacturers are in the same place. ProdLib BuildUp is everything a designer needs when creating layered structures

A Paroc buildup in ProdLib library screenshot

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