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MyLib - Organize your BIM and CAD files

Create your own BIM libraries and use them directly in Revit and CAD software

MyLib is a ProdLib internal tool for organizing your own or your office's CAD and Revit files into an easy-to-use library. After installing ProdLib, you can define which folders you want to turn into your own libraries. Our program automatically creates the library, keeping the files in a hierarchy as defined by the folders.

MyLib contains saved CAD and Revit libraries that can be added to design software. After that, MyLib will appear in the menu bar of your Revit and CAD program, and you will be able to add files to your plans from within the software.

MyLib also works as a desktop version in the same way as the product libraries of manufacturers. You can add files by dragging & dropping them into the desired CAD program.

MyLib is way to organize your files like DWGs, DXFs, RFAs and PDFs into one easy to use library

MyLib in short

  • a tool for organizing BIM and CAD files
  • use in Revit, AutoCAD or other CAD software
  • keeps your files in a hierarchy
  • convenient search options and filters
  • free of charge: download ProdLib and MyLib here

Getting started

Creating a MyLib library


Start by opening the ProdLib Manager from the Windows start menu.

Open the ProdLib Manager.

On the Tools tab, name your library and select the root folder of your content. Click Create.

Open the Tools tab and create a library by naming it and selecting the root folder

Using MyLib libraries

Opening a MyLib library

Using a MyLib library

Updating and managing MyLib libraries


Manage your library content by altering the original files. Modify, add and remove files and folders.


Update the changes with one click on the Update tab in your library.

Mylibs are easy to update and manage

MyLib functionality is part of the free ProdLib application.

Download ProdLib and MyLib for free Installation instructions

BuildUp News

MyLib comes with the free ProdLib software. Download ProdLib below. For help with installing, please see the Installation instructions.

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