ProdLib with AutoCAD

Free AutoCAD content to boost your workflow.

ProdLib is a simple add-in for AutoCAD that helps architects and structural engineers to manage, configure and use AutoCAD blocks in an easy way.

The ProdLib platform consists of product libraries containing free BIM and CAD models, product information and other files. The user can browse the libraries and modify the available properties of each product. After finding and configuring the perfect solution, the user can add the product directly to the desired AutoCAD project.

ProdLib content can also be used in other CAD software.

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ProdLib is an add-in application that can be installed into any of the three latest AutoCAD versions. It’s also possible to install ProdLib in several AutoCAD versions with the single installation. Downloading and using ProdLib is totally free of charge.

The installation process in short:

Register and download ProdLib
Run the installation
Launch ProdLib Manager
Download the required AutoCAD libraries and start using

For more detailed installation instructions, please read the User’s Manual

Content management

With ProdLib you can be sure that you have always the latest product data and content available. When connected to the internet, the background functionality checks regularly that the latest version of the content is in use. All the available updates are always clearly indicated to the user.

Once the required content has been downloaded, the libraries can be used even in the offline mode.

If the installation requires administrative rights, single users can still manage existing libraries or download new ones. uses cookies to ensure the best experience for you. 
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