Personal Data Act (523/1999) section 10 and 24§

Date of drafting: 15th of November 2017

1. Controller ProdLib Oy, business id 2588897-4

Address: Otakaari 5, 02150 Espoo, Finland
Telephone: +358 50 5914822
2. Contact person Kim Sivonen

Telephone: +358 45 3299141
3. Name of the register Service/software user register
4. The purpose for the use of a register
  • Identification and recognition of the data subjects
  • Direct marketing and directing the services to the customers
  • To follow the type of data and data usage based on the data subject's region and time
5. Content of the register Name, email, company, telephone number, address and profession.

Information based on the usage of software/service: downloaded libraries and items.
6. Regular sources of information * Personal data and usage behavior is collected from the data subjects to be able to provide the customers information about the regional need, product potential and product specific user's need.
7. Regular destinations of disclosed data Internal use for sales and marketing purposes by providing anonymous information user statistics.

Data can be transferred to ProdLib's selected partners (content providers) to allow them to practice their marketing efforts.
8. Whether the data is transferred to countries outside the the European Union or the European Economic Area Data may be transferred outside the European Union or European Economic Area to the extent permitted by Personal Data Act.
9. The principles how the data file/register is secured. A. Manual register

Manual register is not used.

B. Data register/ADP register (principles for the right to use a register, monitoring of the use and actual protection of hardware)

All data is stored in a data center in a locked facility with access control and the hardware/software on the server is protected by secure passwords. The servers are based in Sweden. Access to the data is controlled by providing necessary persons the required user accounts. All internet traffic is secured by a https-connection.
10. Right of access The data subject shall have the right of access to the data on him/her in a personal data file. The requests should be addressed to the person specified in item 2.
11. Right to request rectification The data subject has a right to request to rectify, erase or supplement erroneous personal data contained in its personal data file. The request should be addressed to the person specified in item 2.
12. Other rights connected to processing of personal data A data subject has the right to prohibit the controller to process personal data for purposes of direct advertising, market research, and opinion polls. uses cookies to ensure the best experience for you. 
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