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ProdLib with SketchUp

High-quality SketchUp models for your project

ProdLib is a simple add-in for SketchUp that helps users to manage, configure and use SketchUp models in an easy way.

The platform consists of product libraries that contain thousands of free BIM and CAD models, product information and other files. The user can browse products and configure the available properties of each product. Once the properties are set, the product can be added directly to the desired SketchUp model.


Run the installation

Launch ProdLib Manager
Download the required SketchUp libraries and start using

For more detailed installation instructions, please read the User’s Manual.


After the installation, a new tab “ProdLib” will appear under the Extensions ribbon in SketchUp. From this tab, you will find all downloaded libraries. You can launch the libraries simply by clicking the required manufacturer.

prodlib sketchup tab in extensions ribbon menu

Select a Manufacturer, browse products and drag-and-drop files into your SketchUp model.

select content from library and required parameters and insert into your sketchup project

The SketchUp models we provide are fully parametric, with dynamic component attributes. The options can be set in SketchUp Pro in Component Options (right click on the model and select Component Options).

content inserted from ProdLib to sketchup

Content management

One of the main features of ProdLib application is the background functionality ensuring that the latest product data and content is always available for architects and engineers. When connected to internet, the application checks regularly that the latest version of the content is in use. If there’s an update available, it’s clearly indicated to the user.

Once the required content has been downloaded, the libraries can be used even in the offline mode.

If the installation requires administrative rights, users can still manage existing libraries or download new ones without the administrative rights.

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Download ProdLib for SketchUp or browse content in WebLib.

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