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ProdLib BuildUp | A smart tool for creating wall, floor and roof buildups easily and efficiently

ProdLib BuildUp – A tool for creating your own buildups

Add layers, select the right materials and insert into your projects

ProdLib BuildUp simplifies the designer’s everyday life by providing an easy-to-use solution for creating, managing and saving custom walls, floors and roofs. The tool includes materials and tested buildups from several well-known manufacturers. At the moment, there is content from Paroc, Ruukki, Stora Enso and Icopal in the tool.

What are the benefits of ProdLib BuildUp for architects and structural engineers?

  • The user can create project-specific solutions of walls, floors and roofs
  • Real materials and predefined buildups from well-known manufacturers
  • An efficient search engine and clear interface
  • Free of charge and always automatically up to date
  • Content can be used e.g. in AutoCAD and Revit
  • The tool also creates PDF file of the finished buildup

ProdLib BuildUp configurator buildup view consisting of layers of Stora Enso, Paroc and Ruukki materials

Using BuildUp

Launching BuildUp

ProdLib BuildUp tool can be launched from within AutoCAD and Revit software or as a standalone application
BuildUp can be found from the ProdLib tab in AutoCAD and Revit. When using BuildUp as a standalone application, it can be launched from the Tools tab in the ProdLib manager.

Browsing predefined buildups

Browse predefined wall, floor and roof buildups from Stora Enso, Paroc, Ruukki and Icopal

Browse predefined and tested buildups clicking either the sidebar or the icons. The sidebar also includes a search engine that allows you to search for products based on e.g. materials, manufacturers and U-values.

Information on the finished buildups is presented with a clear view. More detailed material-specific information can be viewed by clicking on the required layer.

Wall, floor and roof buildups can be used, for example, in AutoCAD and Revit programs. DXF and PDF files are available as well as the Structure and Legend tools for Revit. You can also copy a finished buildup to a configurator that lets you edit, delete and add layers.

DXF files for CAD programs, Structure and Legend tools for Revit and PDF files are available of every buildup

Creating new buildups and editing existing ones

Create wall, floor and roof buildups for Revit and CAD software

Start creating a buildup by

  • clicking “Create a new BuildUp”
  • opening one of your saved buildups
  • or searching for a predefined buildup that you can modify to fit your needs.
Edit layers by choosing materials and other properties

Add layers by clicking the plus icon. You can edit the layer by choosing the required layer and clicking the Edit button. The chosen layer is coloured.

On the edit view you can define the material and other properties. You can limit the material options with filters. The information about the selected material is displayed in the middle. You can now define the thickness and the Hatch pattern. If you are using Revit, select the Revit function.

Select the material, thickness, hatch pattern and Revit function for your structure layer

Use the buttons on the left side of the configurator to save, load or erase the entire buildup. The Floor/Wall button allows you to switch between a vertical and a horizontal view. The information about the selected layer is displayed under the buildup preview image.

Use the buttons on the right side to add the buildup into your design project or to create a PDF file. You can also get a DXF or a PDF file by dragging it from the adding button, for example, to your desktop.

ProdLib BuildUp configurator Paroc Cortex One selected

Adding buildups to Revit, AutoCAD and other platforms

Modeling a buildup to the Revit software
Update Hatches button


Use the Revit Structure button to model the buildup into your project. The program creates buildups and right materials for the project, including technical data. In addition, the tool automatically creates the buildup with a Legend view and text descriptions by using Revit Legend button. Updating hatches can be done by clicking the Update Hatches button.

AutoCAD, DXF and PDF

Insert a buildup into AutoCAD or other software supporting DXF format with the DXF button.

Walls, floors and roofs created with ProdLib BuildUp can be inserted into AutoCAD and Revit as well as other CAD programs

BuildUp comes with the free ProdLib software. Download ProdLib below. For help with installation, please see the Installation instructions.

Download ProdLib and BuildUp for free Installation instructions

BuildUp News

BuildUp comes with the free ProdLib software. Download ProdLib below. For help with installation, please see the Installation instructions.