ProdLib - Our product

Our product

”ProdLib connects manufacturers and designers through smart models and tools”

ProdLib is developed to support the design process of architects and structural engineers. We bring leading manufacturers’ product catalogues directly to designers’ desktops and keep them organised and updated. Product libraries contain thousands of BIM and CAD models for the most popular design software such as ArchiCAD, AutoCAD and Revit.

Using ProdLib is free. Users can browse libraries, adjust product parameters and insert perfect solutions into the projects or read documentation or other support materials.

ProdLib can greatly improve the efficiency of designers’ workflow. No more searching through websites for documents or updates because everything a designer needs is just a few clicks away in ProdLib.

The product libraries are also on the web. Users can search content with convenient search engine and filters. More models and features are available in the ProdLib application.

What’s in for manufacturers?

ProdLib works as a marketing channel for companies. We bring manufacturers’ products to the software of designers, so they can create buildings with them. Products used in the design phase will most likely be used in the construction also. ProdLib is a convenient way to increase brand visibility and to market products.

ProdLib partners receive information about the usage of their products. They can see how designers insert products in their projects by region or time period. The ProdLib program is easy and free to use so the user base is growing continually.

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