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The company was founded in 1942 to serve the Finnish concrete casting industry. As the years progressed, we have expanded our operations to cover the whole construction industry in Finland as well as in the Baltic countries and St. Petersburg in Russia. Our goal is to supply our customers with product solutions, materials, machinery, and building materials that are well suited to their operations. We are constantly working to improve our services in our area of operation and to become an even stronger player in the industry and a preferred partner. Today our main areas are: lifting and fixing parts for concrete, concrete flooring p Our objective is to create new solutions for the construction industry and develop the industry further, all in close cooperation with our customers. For this work we can provide our experience, our European – and nowadays also global – expertise in the industry, and our uncompromising striving for high quality that also respects the environment. All this we will carry out by following our values: frankness – skill – reliability



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