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“To manage and share product data for designers.”

This was the first sentence ever written about ProdLib. It was a solution to a problem the three founding members of the company, Janne Virtanen, Kim Sivonen and Eeva Liesirova, had faced.

The internet was full of BIM and CAD models – but they were all on different websites and often outdated.

How could architects and structural engineers do their work efficiently if they had to scroll through the internet for product models and specific data? How to make sure they had always organised and up-to-date information in use?

In 2013, the trio got an idea of a product data platform that could be inserted into design software.

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Our team

Managing Director Janne Virtanen
Janne Virtanen Managing Director

+358 50 591 4822
Finance Director Eeva Liesirova
Eeva Liesirova Finance Director

+358 50 535 1777
Technology Director Kim Sivonen
Kim Sivonen Technology Director

+358 45 329 9141
ProdLib team
Ansvarig Sverige / Swedish market Jon Johansson
Jon Johansson Ansvarig Sverige / Swedish market

+46724 01 05 40
Developer Mattis Cedercreutz
Mattis Cedercreutz Developer
Country Manager Spain Edgar Pelayo
Edgar Pelayo Spain - Country Manager

+34 602 513 697
Communications Coordinator Essi Kälviäinen
Essi Kälviäinen Communications Coordinator

Developer Niklas Svartbäck
Niklas Svartbäck Developer
Developer Paul Villavicencio
Paul Villavicencio Developer
Graphic Designer Tuomo Savolainen
Tuomo Savolainen Graphic Designer
Architectural Technologist Rasmus Rautavirta
Rasmus Rautavirta Architectural Technologist
Architectural Technologist Itamar Fortes
Itamar Fortes Architectural Technologist

Contact information

ProdLib logo
ProdLib Oy
Otakaari 5, 02150 Espoo, Finland
+358 50 5914 822
ProdLib Spain
Carrer de la Creu dels Molers, 19, 08004 Barcelona, España
+34 602 513 697