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Case Peikko

How Peikko could improve their support towards architects and engineers

Starting point — Over thousand files

Peikko offered hundreds of Revit models and over a thousand CAD files to help designers’ work. The content was distributed through

The Problem — Keeping content up to date

  • Manually maintained block libraries were hardly ever up to date. Peikko faced several cases where project had been designed using products that were no longer manufactured.
  • Other issue was the lack of product data. CAD blocks didn’t contain any information except main dimensions. No actual information required for best possible product selection.

The Goal — Managing and distributing content centrally

  • Manage and distribute CAD and BIM content centrally
  • To ensure that designers have always the latest products in use and information to choose them.
  • Get information of actual usage, to support future product and content development.

The solution — A product information platform

Peikko decided to start developing content distribution in collaboration with ProdLib. The Peikko product library in ProdLib was created together and published in 1.10.2014.

Today — Years of successful content sharing

Today Peikko distributes design content for thousands of engineers through ProdLib. The library consists of CAD files, Revit and Archicad objects + pdf content.

During 2018, already over 65.000 products or product details from Peikko had been inserted to projects using ProdLib.

Main benefits for Peikko — Effective and reliable content sharing

  • Designers have the latest products easily available - not only 2D or 3D items, but also product information.
  • Content sharing and updating is flexible
  • Possibility to use both online and offline

Main benefits for designers

  • Single source to find product information, CAD and BIM content + additional technical information.
  • Single installation to get content from multiple manufacturers
  • Security and knowledge that the latest products and technical details are always in use

A Peikko ProdLib library screenshot

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