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BIM modeling with professionalism

We can create BIM objects and CAD models of your products. Distributing BIM objects can greatly improve your business when architects and structural engineers get to use your products in their projects. The products used in the designing phase will most likely end up to the real construction site also.

What are BIM objects?

BIM objects are digital 3D representation of products, containing metadata such as dimensions, material and classifications. With BIM models, architects and structural engineers are able to design projects. Offering free objects for designers will make a great impact to the usage of one's products.

Need for BIM models? Let us help!

We are professionals when it comes to creating BIM content and distributing them to the designers. Our area of expertise covers all kinds of content creation for AutoCAD, Revit, ArchiCAD and SketchUp. We create the object natively for the target software without any conversions so that the models will function as well as possible.

ProdLib content is always created and tested by a professional architect or structural engineer who knows how the objects should function. By this we ensure the quality and functionality of our content.

In addition to modeling, we have also a service for distributing the created content for architects and engineers. Our software is used by over 30 000 professionals who insert more than 200 000 products a year into their projects.

Will your products find their way to the designers' desktops?



We have created thousands of models for different manufacturers

Our clients include Peikko, Ruukki, Stora Enso and Inlook among others

Past experience

Stairs, windows, fasteners etc.

We do content creation natively for Revit, AutoCAD, ArchiCAD and SketchUp

Product libraries

In addition to modeling, we can build manufacturer's own product library directly into design programs

Additional tools

We have designed and implemented tools to boost the work of designers, e.g. Teknos painting report, which retrieves information directly from the Revit model.

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